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May 07 Newsletter

Hello , and welcome to our (slightly delayed!) May round-up of the hectic lives of Studio 2 and other fun. We really pull these back a bit, so they're at least in the same month, honestly.

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  Client Forum

May's Client Forum

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all that took time out of their busy schedules to attend our second Client Forum last week. We knew we would be faced with a challenging but rewarding day and boy were we right!?

The feedback received on the day has proved invaluable to our business, and the way we deal with things in the future will be directly re-defined by that day, so a genuine thank you to you all.

Starting next week, we will be sending out a weekly email for every active project. This email will contain a list of all actions for a project, showing which actions have been completed and which are still outstanding. This we hope will help show our progress, and also help clients understand when we are waiting for updates.

Following the project email, we will be holding a scheduling meeting on Wednesday mornings to firm up the week's schedule. Account managers will then call each active project's contact person on Thursday to go through activities that have been scheduled in for that week.

This new procedure along with many other little tweaks will make a more approachable, transparent and efficient Studio 2 Online.
The next Forum will be held in September, and we hope that those that attended this month will return to measure the improvements? And those of you that couldn't make it this time, we hope that you can make it next time because we can't change, if you don't tell us how to!

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My Cases

Within a month all clients will be issued with a user name and password that will allow you to log in and see each case that has been raised, the progress made, and the target date for it to be completed.

In addition to simply monitoring the cases we've raised for you, you will have the ability to raise your own cases that will be sent automatically to support, and dealt with in line with the SLA you have in place. This facility is by no means to replace the personal contact we know you enjoy with Kieran; but it will help those clients that are pushed for time or that like to have control over their issues.

As a result of the client forum, Account Managers will be given a list of all outstanding cases for their clients. This will help ensure that cases are responded to quickly and efficiently.

Your username and password will be with you shortly.

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none  Get Up Close & Personal

PaulEach Month Studio 2 would like to introduce you to a member of the team to promote personal contact, so that you can really get to know the people behind the work we do; This month we attempt to unravel the enigma that is our in house design genius: Paul Bradley, otherwise known as Bradders! Mechelle gets up close and personal.

M: What’s your Favourite film?

P: Well, sadly and fairly obviously, the answer is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But I like lots of other weird and wonderful things including Japanese horror, 80's comedies, low budget independent films, lots of stuff!

M: What is a passion of yours/hobbies?

P: I play badminton and go to the gym to cover the health bases, in my spare time I find myself doing DIY; although since owning my own home for a year or so, I’ve rapidly found out that actually DIY drives me insane. It's a good job I've got an understanding Dad. I also enjoy making scale model cars, playing on my Megadrive and Super NES, drinking beer in a social setting, and reminiscing over my extensive vinyl collection of mid 90s German trance.

M: Who are you inspired by?

P: I'm inspired in a work sense by everyone I read about in each issue of Computer Arts. In a personal sense I'’m inspired in different ways by everyone I ever meet!

M: Pet Peave?

P: People who cant use apostrophe's correctly. (Deliberate, readers)

M: Songs on your MP3?

P: MP3? man, I still listen to old school CDs. My musical tastes are famously random, but genres I actively listen to are: emo/nu-metal, 80s, 90s german hard trance, megadrive music… so anything from Erasure through Enter Shikari to Enya and back again. If it bleeps there is a greater chance of me liking it than not.

M: Last thing that made you laugh out load - keep it clean!

P: Recently been enjoying Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, and The Mighty Boosh on DVD.

M: What are your aspirations?

P: This is pretty serious stuff… er, I aspire to be the kindest, happiest, funniest person I can be, and I hope that everyone I meet in life could call themselves a friend of mine.
In the world of web design, I find it easy to aspire to be better than I am, as you can always find someone who has designed something better than yourself, no matter how good you get. Hopefully I’m doing alright so far.

M: If you were a superhero, who would you be?

P: Spiderman could be good, but I'm scared of heights, so maybe not...

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  Partner Spotlight: Concentrix

Concentrix are leading UK independent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialists. They provide highly effective CRM Solutions which really improve businesses and give an excellent return on investment. Concentrix services include:

  • Supplying CRM software
  • Business process improvement
  • Sales and marketing system design
  • CRM training
  • Upgrades and Technical support

Concentrix are the suppliers of Studio 2 Online's CRM system which has made a dramatic difference to our business.

To see the difference they can make to you, log onto for more information.

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----- TIME OUT -----

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  Sasha’s web advice

To blog or not to blog, that is the question:
sashaWhy are blogs important?
They are great tools for communicating. They create an open, honest, up to date dialog with an audience and although the author is leading the conversation, it is open to comment and feedback.

Who uses them?
Who doesn't? Intel's CEO Paul Ottellini uses a private blog for employees only, but most major companies such as Microsoft, The Guardian newspaper and Dyson (to name but a few) use blogs to create transparency or to gain feedback as part of their R&D.

Can they be utilised?
Yes. Whether it's an internal blog to keep everyone up to date on the latest project, an external blog whereby employees can share ideas and feed from one another in the R&D of your products, or using them to seek the advice of your clients directly on your brand or product range, this medium shouldn't be dismissed.

Not a Natural communicator?
For a blog to be successful it is important that it's interesting and well written; but this doesn'’t always mean grammatically correct. A good corporate blog should be open and conversational and not a showcase for your straplines and corporate statements. If you are the MD of a company and conversational communication is not your forte, pass the blog to someone else.

A Blog awareness
Spread by word of mouth, they must be accompanied by links on established blogs and some good recommendations from established blogs. Most important of all, the company blog has to be interesting and informative and sometimes that takes time to build true followers - and time is money.
You could use your blog to position you as industry experts or a rich resource of information where your competitors fail.

The only true cost of a blog is time
Write one entry a month that is interesting, and the comments will feed the dialogue for a month - until the next entry. Of course the key to a good blog is open dialogue and therefore results in more than one entry a month, but that doesn't have to be an hour a day, once a day or even a few times a week for an open, honest dialogue with their clients or staff, or both. Not every company should blog, but those that can, should!

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  What is Email-Anywhere?

Put simply, it's a web page that allows you to view all emails sent to you in the last two months, even once they have been sent to your main mailbox.

So you can check your emails at home or work through Outlook, or on a laptop anywhere in the world through your internet browser.

All our email customers can use this facility; just go to the web page and login with the same username and password you used to set up your outlook mailbox.

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  Golf Day Fun

Studio 2 Online attended a Golf day as part of the Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce tournament this month.

We didn't win, as a team anyway, but one of our guests Mr Jonathan Norton won the singles competition (pictured third from the right of the picture below) and we all had a great day all round. One team member got the best start to his base tan thanks to the unexpected sunshine that day!

We would like to thank the Chamber for a superb day and to those that joined our teams to prove that you don’t have to be a whizz at golf to enjoy the sport!



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doodle game time!

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  Contact who? you? yes me!

Here at Studio 2 Online we work hard to ensure that all client correspondence is handled by your account manager and the reasons for this are twofold:
1. We like you to have one point of contact that knows everything about your project/business/needs and requirements. This enables us to provide a level of service you may not receive with other agencies. We believe that this line of communication is most effective for our clients and results in projects being managed correctly at all time
2. The time of the studio staff is managed by the account managers, and from this week onwards will be arranged week by week in the scheduling meetings. With no control over the work they carry out day to day, individual tasks have the potential to throw out the entire week planned.

3. One point of contact means that your project is up to date at all times and with the account manager, one person that has ALL the information rather than fragmented pieces ensures that we can keep to our timelines. Individual case queries may be handled by some of the studio staff periodically, but if you do have any questions, queries or concerns, please talk to your account manager, that’s what they are there for.


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Lovely little line game

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  New Projects

Online Tile Centre
Online Tile Centre are an established retailer that provide every tile you'll ever need. Their aim is to provide you with the tiles you require in the best time possible, whether that's ceramic, natural stone, porcelain, mosaic and glass tiles for commercial or domestic use we'll have it.

"We choose Studio 2 Online because out of three design agencies that we contacted they came across as the most professional. Studio 2 Online have had experience of online selling themselves and were able to highlight some of the pitfalls/problems that we may encounter in the future thus enabling us to adjust some of the strategies that we were going to put in place.
Along with this the communication from Studio 2 Online was first class - the telephones were answered promptly and politely and any queries that I had were dealt with in a very short period of time. All in all I felt that I had no option but to choose Studio 2 Online out of the three possible agencies."

MD, Online Tile Centre

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