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June 07 Newsletter

Hello , and welcome to our rain filled June round-up!

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  Client Forum

Client Forum Update

In line with our promises made at the client forum, Studio 2 Online have decided to revert back to our old managing projects that is.  Sorry, Lucy isn't making another return, but we hope within the next few months to have hired a new Project Manager with a wealth of experience to manage all projects. We intend for this person to work alongside the Account Managers to ensure that all studio work is scheduled and that that schedule is stuck to like a Porsche 911 to the tarmac. We are also ensuring that the schedule only covers 3 days of each week to allow cases to be turned around quick time!

Studio 2 Online are on a recruitment rally rather than just a drive as we are looking for three key roles to be filled by the end of the summer; the above mentioned project manager, an additional Account Manager and a Technical Manager to oversee and guide the development team and advise the account managers on all things technical.

Lastly, we are committed to hiring two experienced studio staff to help with the turnaround of all existing and new projects.

These new additions are in direct response to the feedback received at the client forum and will make a huge difference to our quality, efficiency and planned growth. So once again, thank you for attending and helping us to serve you better.

For anyone interested in any of the positions, please see our website for further information and application forms.

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New Pay Per Click Packages

Launched at the Client Forum, we now have the collateral for our new PPC and SEO packages available to anyone that is interested in switching or starting a new campaign.

Our PPC campaigns offer:

  • Pay Per Click Management of the highest level by our dedicated full-time search engine experts to save you time.
  • Full key word research for each of the Pay Per Click Networks identifying as many terms as we can related to your service, the number of searches performed for each term and the estimated cost per click to maximise your responses.
  • Detailed individually written adverts for each product or service you provide to deliver targeted responses.
  • Full bid management to ensure your ads are always placed in the most cost effective positions - reducing the amount you spend without affecting your position.
  • Full tracking facilities and comprehensive campaign analysis.
  • Detailed monthly reports to clients with information of cost per click, spend, number of enquiries/sales, click through rates, number of clicks, cost per sale/enquiry and ROI. Further recommendations will be made based on these reports.

To find out more information or to request more information,
call Mechelle on: 0116 2614485
or email:

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none  Get Up Close & Personal

chrisEach Month Studio 2 would like to introduce you to a member of the team to promote personal contact, so that you can really get to know the people behind the work we do; This month Mechelle speaks to one of the newer members of the Studio 2 Online family, account manager, entertainer and super dad Chris Booth! Chris has been a welcome breath of fresh air to the team and many more of you will get to know him as we do...

M: What's your Favourite film?

C: The Bourne Identity, great film!

M: What is a passion of yours/hobbies?

C: Tennis - I used to umpire at Wimbledon and it's a fabulous place to be for two weeks in the summer. Hint, hint for two weeks off Giles?! LOL!

M: Who are you inspired by?

C: My friends. Each of them in their own way has aspects that I can learn massively from.

M: Pet Peave?

C: When you phone a company and they ask for your details and then they put you through to someone else who still asks for all your details again, so frustrating!

M: Songs on your MP3?

P: I'm still stuck in the 90's with people like Bryan Adams (sad eh?!)

M: Last thing that made you laugh out load - keep it clean!

C: Paul "Powerhouse" Bradley (our designer)! How can you work in an office with him and not laugh at the incredulously funny things he comes out with all day long.

M: What are your aspirations?

C: I would love to live in Australia or New Zealand for a couple of years.

M: If you were a superhero, who would you be?

C: Superman - I dare anyone to say different!

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 Industry News - Wi-Fi Blocking Paint now available!

A US firm is selling paint that it says can secure computer networks. EMSEC Technologies is selling $6 per-square-foot paint which it says creates electromagnetic shielding that prevents hackers from attacking wireless networks.

Tested in military applications, the technology is now available to the civilian market and would be useful for anyone who needs to make sure a data room is completely secure, said the company's president and chief technology officer Wayne Legrande. Use of the paint can ensure that anyone who wants to steal your data has to break through physical security to get it.

"You have the ability to make whoever is trying to obtain your information have to come up very, very close to your facility. You're talking sometimes within the building," said Legrande.

He did say, though, that users would have to remember to paint the floors and ceilings as well as the walls."What people don't understand is that if you're in a multi-storey building, your computer systems are on the second floor and you've got someone above you who wants your information, they set up an antenna, a laptop computer and they basically can get it right through the floors," he said.

This futuristic concept would be the equivalent to covering your walls, ceiling and floor with tin foil but would also restrict signals to mobile phones and blackberries so would not be practical for your entire office; but if you were concerned about the security of your building/office we think it's a really out there creation!

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pipe cleaner dance

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  Sasha's web advice

If you're like me, you'll spend more time reading your emails than you do surfing the web. Email is one of the most powerful mediums to talk to clients and prospects.

Below I've listed 10 tips or best practices to use everyday in your email marketing activities. Used wisely and consistently, there's no doubt you'll see an increased response from your subscribers...

sashaAvoiding the Spam Filters?
They are great tools for communicating. They create an open, honest, up to date dialog with an audience and although the author is leading the conversation, it is open to comment and feedback.

Maximizing Click-Through Rates
Both web pages and emails can contain a lot of text and graphics, and this sometimes makes it harder to get your subscribers to perform a certain task, such as clicking on a link to see your special offers. Better to write them in a plain, bold, highighted text link as opposed to a banner or button.

The Power of Personalisation
If you were standing in a crowded street, which of these would get your attention?: "HEY, YOU!" or "HEY JOHN!" (assuming your name is John). The power of personalisation can and should be used in your emails.

One-Click Unsubscription
If you want your mailing list to grow, then there are two things that you absolutely must have: a double opt-in process, and a quick way to unsubscribe.

Signup Confirmation
Don't get accused of spamming, always use a double opt-in confirmation process. Double opt-in means that after your visitor initially enters their email address to subscribe to your list, you should then send them a "confirmation" email with an opt out option in this email, just in case.

Tuesday / Wednesday = Increased Response
In my learned understanding of the web, (and studies conducted by online research analysts) the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when people are more receptive to communication. This means that they are more likely to read your content and click on links, meaning more sales.

The Preview Pane
Popular email providers such as MS Outlook show a preview of an email when it's selected in your inbox. Always have some interesting content at the very top of your email, as this is the part that will show in the preview window of your subscribers email program.

Consistency is the Key
If you're running a newsletter or frequent email publication, make sure you keep the look and feel consistent from issue to issue. By keeping the look and feel consistent, you help to maintain and strengthen your brand and your image to your subscribers, which again will make it easier to close sales when you need to.

On Time, Every Time
If you're running a newsletter or frequent email publication, make sure you keep the look and feel consistent from issue to issue. By keeping the look and feel consistent, you help to maintain and strengthen your brand and your image to your subscribers, which again will make it easier to close sales when you need to.

The Half-a-Second Subject Line
When your email arrives in your subscriber's inbox, you generally have about half a second to catch their attention with the subject line of your email. After this, they will either delete your email or ignore it. In your subject line, try and specify a benefit that the subscriber can expect by reading your email.

Well folks that's all for now, I'm off to perfect my tan, (in between the down pours of rain that is) before the party season really starts; happy summer!

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bongo balls!

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  Case Study: Education for All

Education For All seeks to ensure that in the UK the building of new schools, or the refurbishment of existing schools, is done in a way that has benefits on a local, national and global level by promoting life-long learning and sustainability for everyone.

An essential proposition of Education For All is that there is a need to protect our environment in a way that nurtures a sense of accountability and secure the future of our local communities wherever we are.

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  Case Study: Digital Voice

Digtial Voice are business to business specialist VoIP providers that are unique in the way that they provide a service that is built in and managed in their data centre with no need to purchase and install expensive digital switch systems.

The system has been received well as it has increased clients incoming call capability by 25%.

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  Case Study: Millieboo

Millieboo was a creation of Caroline Parker who has a passion for finding hip, well designed and unique gifts for babies.

Millieboo's attention to detail is projected through their baby-wear ranges and gifts that can all be ordered online and beautifully hand wrapped for delivery. The choice of luxurious gift wrapping should be the envy of all her competitors and adds that extra special something for the perfect gift for the perfect bundle of joy in your life.

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