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    September 2007

Welcome to this month's edition of Studio 2 Online's newsletter; and what a month it's been.  So sit back, relax and let us entertain you!

Studio 2 Online have a New Home.
As most of you will know by now – we have moved! We have lovely offices in The Crescent on King Street. A beautiful grade 2 listed building built in, you guessed it, a Crescent shape and with our new home comes a new telephone number: 0116 275 8456
We also have a new internet connection that is bigger, better and faster than the last which means our development servers will run faster, allowing us to complete work faster than ever!
We plan to hold our Winter Client Forum in our new offices next month and we are really excited about introducing you all to our new home. 

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Welcome Kevin & Matt.
Studio 2 Online would like to officially welcome Kevin Ward and Matt Strickland to the S2O family.
Kevin joins our development team, who are so happy to have another member on board to fill out their new office space and to offer his help and advice on new and existing projects. Kevin brings with him 10 years of development experience and still boasts his third prize win in the local drawing competition when he was 7!
Matt joins the team as account manager who will help to bring in new projects and of course help Chris to manage existing clients and projects. Matt brings to the table a wealth of experience from the recruitment industry and has a strong sales background…and remember that fairy liquid advert with the cubs around the camp fire, Matt was one of those cubs!
You can meet the new additions to the team at the Client Forum in November.
Studio 2 Online are still recruiting and are looking for that perfect person to fit into our ever expanding family. If you are interested in joining our team, please see: for full details and application forms – and remember, it could be you!

coffee breakCoffee Break.

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Wear it Pink.

In support of the Breast Cancer Campaign running the entire month of October, Studio 2 Online will be participating in the 2007 Wear it Pink day on October 26th

Each person will wear something pink on the day and donate £2 to the charity to help raise awareness and funds; last year wear it pink raised over £3million to help the continuing research to help find a cure for breast cancer and although Studio 2 Online are a team of 12, we hope that our involvement in the campaign will encourage others to join in the fun and raise money for a superb cause. 

So Friday 26th October, encourage everyone in your place of work to wear pink – be that a tie, socks, a pin, a cowboy hat or a feather boa. Call 0800 1073104 or visit for a donation and support pack and wear it pink – we will be!

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Microsoft broke competition rules.
The decision by an EU court to uphold a landmark antitrust ruling against Microsoft is likely to influence other cases in the software industry. A competition lawyer said he expects the principles of the case to be "rolled-out more actively" across the EU.
The decision is seen as a key victory for the European competition regulator, and a serious blow for the US software giant, in the long-running competition dispute.
The European Court of First Instance rejected Microsoft's appeal against a record €497million fine imposed by the European Commission three years ago. The court upheld an earlier 2004 ruling that Microsoft had abused its dominant market position, using its dominant 95% market share of the personal computer operating systems market to freeze out rivals.
The court upheld the earlier ruling that the software group had broken competition rules in two ways.
The first type of conduct found to constitute an abuse was Microsoft's refusal to supply rival companies with "interoperability information" – crucial information about the Windows operating system.
By way of remedy the Commission requires Microsoft to disclose the "specifications of its client/server and server/server communication protocols to any undertaking wishing to develop and distribute work group server operating systems."
The second breach was that by bundling its Windows Media Player with the Windows PC operating system, this undermined competition from other media player providers.
By way of remedy here, the Commission requires Microsoft "to offer for sale a version of Windows without Window Media Player."
The court's statement said: "The Court of First Instance essentially upholds the Commission's decision finding that Microsoft abused its dominant position."
The court also upheld the fine imposed on Microsoft for anti-competitive practices in the 2004 decision. The court ruled that the Commission was justified in "assessing the gravity and duration of the infringement and did not err in setting the fine."
The latest ruling – which comes after a nine year legal battle - was made by the 13-judge Grand Chamber of the Court if First Instance in Luxembourg. The importance of the ruling was underlined by it being broadcast live on television – a first for such a decision.
"We can expect to see the principles of the case now being rolled-out more actively in national courts and by national competition authorities within the EU. The case clearly has implications for the software industry, where the commercial practices of a number of large companies are already under review, such as Intel, Rambus and Apple.
 Article courtesy of

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Leicester Business Event.
Studio 2 Online are exhibiting at the above exhibition at the Walkers Stadium, October 3rd and invite you all along to say hello. 
The event showcases what Leicester has to offer and boasts that it will be the event to find the answer to some, if not all of your problems – so come along and have a coffee with us and see what else Leicester has to offer and attend one or more of the free seminars on the day:
10.30 - 11.30 'How to win business by being an expert' - Alastair Campbell - Ideal Marketing Company
11.30 - 11.45  Planning your financial future
12.30 Networking Lunch £15.00 per head
1.30 To be confirmed
2.30 Supporting your Export Potential - Steve Morrison - UK Trade & Investment

We are on stand GH44 in the Great Hall on the first floor within the City grounds.  Come along, have coffee with us and experience the delights that Leicester has to offer.  For further information on the event or to register see:

coffee breakCoffee Break.
High Speed Chase

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Case Study - Comfort Solutions.
Comfort Solutions are the creation of Jo and Sue who pride themselves on their excellent customer service and attention to their core philosophy to provide a first class on-line shopping experience.
Their mattress and bedding products are designed to make your life comfortable and they really do! A complete online comfy shopping experience that offer a 110% money back guarantee. Have a look today and start living in comfort:

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Up Close & Personal.

This month we catch up with the marketing department – Mechelle has been with the company for one whole year now and hopes for many more crazy, fun filled, adventurous years!

What’s your Favourite film?
I have so many, one for each different mood, but among the old faithfuls are:
The Lost Boys, Happy Gilmore, Shawshank Redemption, The Life of Brian, What Women Want and Cry Baby.
What is a passion of yours/hobbies?
I love to run, I don’t get to do it as often as I like and I don’t think I could get by without at least one session at Bikram Yoga – it really does make all the difference to have that 90 minutes with yourself and a whole lotta sweat! I recently discovered the Nintendo Wii which is the most addictive console I’ve ever played!
Who are you inspired by?
My family and friends, I am surrounded by strong women and some womenly men that inspire, encourage and entertain me!
Pet Peave?
People who don’t use their indicators, sat navs and people that don’t cover their mouths when they cough! – it’s just bad manners!
Songs on your MP3?
I’ve recently broken my MP3 player by sitting on my bag! But before the break I had a bit of The Pigeon Detectives, Moloko, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, The Zutons, John Legend, Mark Ronson, Jimi Hendrix, Jamie says, Pendulum and Nina Simone on there and I’ve recently downloaded The Best of 80’s Rock, which I can’t wait to put in the car – rock on!
Last thing that made you laugh out load - keep it clean!
Well none of it was clean, (I work in an office full of boys!), so I’ll have to say that I was walking my dog the other night and as I was trying to wrestle him home from the park, I got tangled in the dog lead and fell flat on my face!  I haven't told anyone about it, but I did laugh out loud!
What are your aspirations?
To live a long and happy life, surrounded by good company, good food & wine– oh and have a successful veggie patch this time next year – horticulture is the way forward!
If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Spiderwoman – although I hate spiders, there’s no cooler superhero than Spiderman and I’m a chick, so I’d be Spiderwoman!

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Sasha's Web Advice.

This month I’d like to focus on security online. I read an article on the Reuters website this week that really made me re-analyse the way I use my PC, particularly at home. Here’s an excerpt:

“Computer security experts estimate that tens of millions of personal computers are infected with malicious software like the one that attacked Locklear's machine. Such programs, generally classified as malware, attack companies along with consumers.

Some are keyloggers, recording every key stroke that the user enters -- sending valuable bank account information, passwords and credit card numbers to hackers.
In July, hackers used keylogging software to gather passwords to databases at the U.S. Department of Transportation, consulting firm Booz Allen, Hewlett-Packard Co and satellite network company Hughes Network Systems, according to British Internet security software maker Prevx Inc.

And other malware programs turn PCs into "zombies," literally giving hackers full control over the machine. The zombies can be instructed to act as servers, sending out tens of thousands of spam emails promoting counterfeit medications, luxury watches or penny stocks without the PC owner ever knowing about it.”

We have covered internet security in past issues but here’s my advice on staying safe online:

·          install up-to-date security software – such as:Firewalls (Zonealarm is a popular choice)
·          Run an anti spyware scan on your PC at least once a week – these can be found free of charge online
·          Never open an attachment if you don’t know what it is or comes from an unknown source.
·          Never give banking/credit card details – your bank and card issuer will have and know your details.
·          Install popup blockers and don’t switch them off.
·          Avoid clicking weblinks if you don’t know the company

 By following these few easy steps you should be eliminating most security the chance of your PC becoming infected. Of course security is a contentious issue and as long as there is the internet, there will be hackers using it to their advantage – don’t worry, stay safe and surf carefully!

That’s all for this month folks, hope I’ve given you some handy hints – please feel free to email me your questions about web related stuff at: and I will pick the most popular questions and answer as many as I can month. 

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 Case Study - DigiEye.
The DigiEye product began as a concept from Derby University but quickly became a revolution in the field of digital colour imaging.  

5 years later the firm work with some of the biggest high street names such as Next, Marks & Spencer and International brand NIKE.
The pioneering and innovative DigiEye system is a complete non-contact colour imaging solution. For more information visit:
Studio 2 Online Ltd, The Crescent, King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RX
Tel: 0116 275 8456     Fax: 0116 293 8090      Web:

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