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    October 2007

Hello and welcome to this months edition of the Studio 2 Online’s newsletter. Woah, what a month it has been here, run on to catch up on all the gossip……

Another award winning website.
Upper Rectory Farm Cottages are a holiday cottage set in the beautiful surroundings of Appleby Magna, North West Leicestershire. Studio 2 Online launched their website in April 2007. This month they achieved the bronze award from the Enjoy England Excellence Awards for their site.
An achievement that we and Upper Rectory are delighted with! 
Jean Corbett from Upper Rectory says:
“We have received so many wonderful compliments about the sites design and how easy it is to use and winning this award simply confirms what we already know; we have a great site! Next step will be an online booking system, Gold here we come!”
You can find out more about Upper Rectory Farm Cottages at:

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Kitchen Money Special offer. is a Leicester based mail order, home delivery company, supplying delicious, chef-prepared, frozen meals and snacks throughout the UK.
With over 120 meals on offer, there’s something for everyone, from perfect party food, to mouth watering main courses and even divine desserts.
As an extra incentive they’re offering all Studio2Online customers FREE delivery on orders placed before 30th November 2007. Simply enter code studio2onlinekm at the checkout!

coffee breakCoffee Break.

Christmas e-card games.
November 15th is the last order date for our Christmas e-card games. They are eco-friendly, instantly sent and received and a much cheaper alternative to traditional paper cards. 
Don’t be subject to Royal Mail delivery problems – send an e-card game from Studio 2 Online. They can feature an online scoreboard that creates a competitive environment that results in your card being sent on to (on average) at least 3 extra people not on your mailing list.
Our scoreboard was still being added to late into February this year - lasting much longer than any traditional paper card as a brand awareness tool.
Don’t Delay, order yours today!
Call: 0116 2758456.
See examples:

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Open evening with Wine Tasting Experience.

You are cordially invited to Studio 2 Online’s open evening on November 8th at their new offices in The Crescent, King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RX.

Book your place today to come see our lovely new home and a have a chat with our ever expanding team, including Sacha and our new recruits.

We have special guest Ravi of Ravi’s wines who will bring along a few bottles of his finest plonk for you to sample and perhaps learn a thing or two about where the wine came from.

Proceedings start at 7pm and we will be serving a few nibbles and alternatives to wine, for those of you that prefer the grain to the grape!
Thursday 8th November – Wine Tasting experience with Studio 2 Online!
Call now to book your place with Mechelle on: 0116 2495311.

Everyone welcome, including clients, guests, friends & associates

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New Support Contracts.
In order to deliver the highest standard of support to our clients, Studio 2 Online have introduced new support contracts.
These contracts offer you access to unlimited e-mail and telephone support (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) for your website editing systems, including CMS and OSB. Therefore from the 1st of November, when clients call for support they will require an active support contract in place, unfortunately without this we will be unable to provide support.
All clients that don’t currently have support contracts as part of their monthly fee, will by now have received an invoice offering a support contract. If you haven’t and require support, please contact your account manager to set one up. Due to the administrative overhead unfortunately we won’t be able to offer ad-hoc support.

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E-mail marketing system - Training Seminar.
Those among you that are keen will no doubt of heard that we have introduced a much updated email marketing (e-newsletter) system. 
Email Marketing is a tool that allows you to send large quantities of e-mails to customers and prospective customers for minimal cost and effort, (just like this one).  Whether it’s to promote your special offers, launch a new product or service or just to send your customers regular news updates to keep you in their minds; our efficient tool will allow you to send your own Newsletters using our e-mail Manager.  If you are just starting to use the system or are already using the email manager system then this training session will allow you to get refreshed on the basics and also teach you some advanced skills to make your marketing email stand out. 
The course will run from 10am until 12pm with a buffet lunch and a Q&A session from 1pm until 2pm. £75 +VAT per person.
Learn how to upload files of email addresses to add them to your list, print out subscriber lists and also how to set up groups to allow you to selectively target more effectively. 
Call Now to book your place as only 10 spaces currently available: 0116 2758456
coffee breakCoffee Break.
High Speed Chase

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Additions to the team.
We are pleased to announce that we have a new Project Manager, Development Team Leader & website builder all starting during November.
We will introduce our new team mebers to you in detail next month!

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Up Close & Personal.

This month we catch up with the accounts/receptionist/pa to the MD – Dani Cass has been with the company for nine months now and we don't know what we'd do without her!

 Dani Cass 

M: What’s your Favourite film?
Either The Crow or City of Angels – they both make me cry though!
M: What is a passion of yours/hobbies?
I keep fish – I recently bought 5 called Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob which kept me amused because it looked like they were all calling Bob! I also like making name tags for people online, writing as part of a role playing forum and creating games and activities for website competitions.

M: Who are you inspired by?
My family and friends or anyone that tries to make a difference to the world
M: Pet Peave?
People with no manners and when people change things to make them work better and then they don’t work at all!
M: Songs on your MP3?
I broke my MP3 player but the music I am listening to at the mo is mainly My Chemical Romance, The Used, Flyleaf, My Ruin, Korn, Poisonblack, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, Thursday, Hinder and Faktion.
M: Last thing that made you laugh out load - keep it clean!
Our Account Mananger Matt’s joke…Why do elephants have Big Ears? Because Noddy won’t pay the ransom!
M: What are your aspirations?
To marry Gerard Way and live happily ever after lol
M: If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Mona the Vampire, she gets to dress as a vampire AND save the world!


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Client Forum postponed.
As you all know, Studio 2 Online strive for excellence in everything we do and it is with this perfectionist view that we have decided to postpone our winter Client Forum.

It was a hard decision to make as we view the forums as an essential part of our growth structure. We feel however that as the world of Studio 2 Online is evolving at lightening pace, we would like the opportunity to complete our recruitment drive and have a fully functioning, larger team before we host a forum.
Don’t worry, there won’t be long to wait, we will be hosting a Forum in February 2008!
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