Hi Andy. From the government department of the bleedin' obvious comes the announcement that the UK is officially in recession. Well, we're not in denial about the recession, nor are we so optimistic that we think it will all be over by Easter. But we are certain that there are still plenty of opportunities to prosper in the New Year. The internet will undoubtedly play a big part in enabling businesses to succeed in reaching more customers, increasing sales and cutting costs. But, as with any New Year resolutions, we will all need to put in a little effort. Read on for some of the ways Studio 2 Online stand ready, willing and able to give you the online tools and support you will need to succeed...
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1 The Launch Pad.
2 How to win in the online sales revolution
3 How to grow your business with online marketing
4 Web Threads.
5 Sacha's Celestial Web Tutorial.

"This is the first recession we have seen where online will play a significant role in mainstream spending."

Mike Petevinos

High Street Sales Down;
Online Sales Up

Is your business keeping up?

You can't hide from the impact the recession is having on business. High Street retailers are struggling with falling sales, but despite this online traders have some good news. According to IMRG Capgemini's e-Retail Sales Index, online sales have risen by nearly 15%. In December, online shoppers spent the equivalent of £76.67 for every person in the UK. That's a whopping £4.6 billion.

So how important are online sales to your business?

Despite the gloomy economic forecasts, you know consumers and businesses are still spending money. But understandably, they want the right product at the right price, and they are finding the best deals shopping on the internet.

So, does your business have an e-commerce website? 

If the answer is yes, congratulations.  But does your business give them the online shopping experience they are looking for? Perhaps you should have a review of your website to make sure you will benefit from the rise in online sales.

If no, now is the time to use e-commerce to boost your business.

Either way, Studio 2 Online will give you an e-commerce website that attracts new customers, persuades them to buy and brings them back to buy again. In other words, a website that is, making you sales while you sleep.

Find out how you can boost your business using e-commerce here.

1st Page of Google or your money back*. Click here to find out more.

Quote of the Month:

"We have entrusted Studio 2 Online with three of our websites and have never looked back.

The designs are fresh and users find it simple to make a purchase. Sales have gone from strength to strength.

I gladly recommend them as a thoroughly knowledgeable and professional web design company."
- James Greenlees
Group Managing Director
Grahame Gardner and Gymphlex Ltd


1. The Launch Pad.

Feast your eyes on our recent website launches...

See the website
Precision Recruitment
Leicester based, but operating locally and nationally, Precision Recruitment is a specialist engineering, technical and sales recruitment agency.

See the website
CSL Business Machines Ltd
CSL invites you to open your eyes to colour. They have been at the forefront of copier and printer technology since the 1960's. 

See the website
Thermo-Floor are commercial and domestic suppliers of underfloor heating and cooling systems.

2. How to win in the online shopping revolution.        

Find out here how to win in the online shopping revolution

Would you like a 15% boost in your sales?

Who's going to say no to any increase in sales, especially under current trading conditions? E-commerce has already proved it can deliver that sort of growth. But today's competitive consumer market place means it's not enough to just have an e-commerce site.

Online savvy consumers don't just expect an efficient online shopping experience. They demand it. Your website must do the same as the Kwik Fit slogan and give shoppers "100% customer delight".

Whether you are looking for a new e-commerce website, or realise your existing site needs a review (if your e-commerce website is more than 2 years old you need a review), the challenge is still the same. How do you get customers to buy from you, not your competitors?

To find out what e-commerce can do for your business and some essential things shoppers  need to be able to do if they  are going to become your customer, go here.

4. Web Threads.

Yummy, yummy

If one of your New Year resolutions is to eat less junk food, here's an opportunity to grab some free samples of healthy and delicious goodies that you can munch at your desk, thanks to the kind folk at Graze.

Visit their website at enter the promo code FG33RV1 for your first box of goodies free.

see more >

The Empire Strikes Back

On a PC in a galaxy far, far away, Darth Gates prepares to unleash his latest Death Software on the unsuspecting members of his Empire.

Yes, folks the beta 2 version of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)  has been released and guess what? Not all appears well.

It would seem that the Evil Empire has decided it might not like all the websites out there in cyberspace, in that there are reports that not all sites are compatible with IE8.

The internet freedom fighters here at Studio 2 Online are researching the compatibility of all our clients websites as we speak, and will report back asap.

Contact your Account Manager Matt Strickland if you need further information.

Missing George?

Just in case you are missing ol' Dubbya, the erstwhile leader of the Free World (and I know you are), visit this games site to join him in a good old fashioned shoot out with his sidekick Condi Rice.
Can you get Dubbya out of the White House safely?

3. How to grow your business with online marketing


12 Ways to Grow Your Business with Online Marketing

2009 will be a tough year. But despite some businesses, large and small failing, many businesses will continue to thrive.

A key to growth during the recession will be having an integrated marketing strategy to find and keep new customers and increase sales. 

You will need to consider both online and offline marketing and use them together to get the best results.

Online marketing has the benefit of being cheaper than many offline marketing methods. It is made up of several types of marketing tools, including Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing.

To learn more about how to grow your business with online marketing click here.

 A Fond Farewell to Sacha

All of us at Studio 2 Online are sad to announce the loss of a loyal and much loved friend, Sacha.

Sacha was an important member of the Studio 2 Online team, and was popular with both visitors and team members. Sacha spent most of her time wandering from office to office in search of food and cuddles (in that order), and loved nothing more than to chase her ball up and down the corridor (before waiting for you to fetch it to throw it again!). Sacha was always the first to the door to greet visitors with her tail wagging, making pretty much everyone fall immediately in love with her.

Unfortunately, Sacha became ill and, with her best friend Giles by her side, she left us on January 16th.

Sacha has become a Studio 2 Online legend, even having her own Memorial Facebook group which is quickly gaining members. She will be sadly missed. Her influence will continue through the Sacha's Celestial Web Tutorial feature.


5. Sacha's Celestial Web Tutorial.

Keeping it legal

Despite my disapproving glances, Giles has several times fallen foul of the law by speeding and suffered the financial penalties. Most of us are pretty clear about traffic laws and understand the consequences if we break them. 

However, there are some areas of business legislation that we may not be so clear about. But the consequences of breaking these laws might include a hefty fine, the last thing you need when money is tight.

As the recession starts to bite (something I never did!) businesses are realising the importance of email marketing and trading online to boost enquiries and sales. However, both of these areas are covered by more laws than I can shake my tail at. Forget 'Beware of the Dog' (why never the cat?) these definitely need 'Beware of the Laws' signs.

Email marketing is covered in general by the Data Protection Act, and trading online is covered mainly by the E-commerce Regulations and the Distance Selling Regulations.

As in most instances, ignorance of these laws will not allow you to escape the consequences, so it is worth spending a little time getting to grips with at least the basics.

> Learn more about these Regulations here.

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