Hi Andy, despite all the grim news from the high street to the factory floor, there is still good news to be found for businesses. First, both IMRG Capgemini and the Federation of Small Businesses confirm that firms trading online have seen sales rise on average by 20%. Second, that at just the time when selling online is becoming such an essential part of thriving during the recession, Studio 2 Online are launching our new ecommerce solution Magento. Now is the time to learn what ecommerce and Magento can do for your sales...

In This Studio Monthly.
1 The Launch Pad.
2 Make sure your website really does boost your enquiries and sales
3 Have your SEO cake and eat it too
4 Web Threads.
5 Sacha's Celestial Web Tutorial.

See what Magento could do for you here

The Magic of Magento

Want to boost your sales by 20%?

There is no doubt about it, businesses trading online are thriving, experiencing a rise in sales of on average 20%. Ecommerce is the key to this success. But this is not an area you can just dabble in. You need to make sure you grasp every opportunity to squeeze the most out of every visitor and buyer who comes to your online store.

Is your ecommerce website keeping up?

As with all technology, ecommerce has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. To maximise your sales you need to make sure your ecommerce website is keeping up. Our new ecommerce system Magento uses all the latest features.

Whether you are looking for your first ecommerce site, or want to make sure you stay ahead of the competition, visit our Magento demo website and experience the real power of ecommerce.

You can also find out more about the powerful features and benefits Magento offers by following our blog entries explaining many of these in detail.

Even better, why not arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your ecommerce needs in more detail, so we can show you exactly how Magento can maximise your online profits? Ring us now on
0845 6187342.


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Quote of the Month:

“This is the first recession we have seen where online will play a significant role in mainstream spending.”

Mike Petevinos
IMRG Capgemini

1. The Launch Pad

Feast your eyes on our recent website launches...

Visit Huthwaite Roofing Supplies website
Huthwaite Roofing Supplies
With a reputation for expertise in, and experience of, roofing materials and techniques, customers look to HRS to provide all of their building supplies, hard landscaping and fencing.

Visit Leicestershire & Staffordshire Scientific Services website here
   Leicestershire & Staffordshire Scientific Services
Leicestershire and Staffordshire Scientific Services carry out scientific analysis to protect the public, and for scientific monitoring and problem solving.

2. Make sure your website really does boost your enquiries and sales       

Let's face it, there are an awful lot of websites out there in cyberspace, and although many are successful, some are not. The question is why?

After all, no one plans to fail, but as the saying goes, 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,' and that applies to websites as much as anything else.

Too many businesses are sucked into the euphoria of just having a website. The problem is this is a sure recipe for disappointment.

However, with a little bit of careful consideration about what you want to achieve, your website can become your most powerful sales and marketing tool, rather than nothing more than a white elephant.

So, whether your looking for your first website or want to revamp and existing site, be prepared to consider why you want a website and what you want it to achieve for your business.

Find out here tips on what makes a really successful website.

4. Web Threads.

In Memoriam to England's greatest sporting hero

Unbelievably, it is 16 years to the day since Bobby Moore passed away so cruelly early at the age of 51.

Most of you were not even a glint in your father’s eye when he achieved his (and England’s) greatest sporting moment.

But his impact on the whole nation was, and continues to be, so much more than the triumph of a single July afternoon in 1966.

Find out more about the man and his legacy:

Link to the Bobby Moore Online website here

Facing up to Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Apologies to the rock icons of The Traveling Wiburys, but whether you like it or not online social networking is here to stay.

It would appear that anybody who is anybody should be Tweeting, and if you're over 40 you are in the fastest growing age profile on Facebook.

But do the likes of Twitter, Facebook and blogging have any real value?

See below for Sacha's Tutorial to learn a little more.

In the meantime we have joined the ranks of Tweeters with our own Twitter account as well our blog entries and Facebook group.

Go on, give us a visit, you may get hooked as well.

Still blogging

Come and visit our regularly updated blog. You will pick up valuable tips on how internet marketing in all its forms can benefit your business. Your comments will also be most welcome.

> Visit our Blog here.

3. Have your SEO cake and eat it too


More about ordering your free SEO audit here

Search Engine Optimisation without the risk to you. 

Which would you prefer?

1st page of Google Guaranteed, or your money back
Not paying a penny until you get the search engine results you want 

Either way, if we don't deliver the results the financial risk to you is removed.

As well as our popular money back guarantee, we can now offer a Pay for Position SEO solution.

Put simply, if we don't hit the targets for the agreed key words or phrases, you don't pay us a penny. On top of that there's not even a set-up fee - nothing!

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 69% of all our key phrases are on the 1st page of Google.
  • 20% of all our key phrases are in 1st place on Google.

Interested to find out more?
Ring us now on 0845 6187342

 Find out how to increase the profitability of your website here

Content is King 

Are you one of many, most even, of visitors to websites who greet you with Flash animation who are bored, frustrated or downright annoyed because of the time it takes for Flash to load? You probably react by just leaving, and if it were your website, you've just lost a potential customer.

Of course Flash animation and images have a place, particularly when used to good effect on an ecommerce website. But The facts are that most people use the internet to do research and find information before they make an on-line, or off-line purchase. What they want is to get to the informative and relevant content of your website. Something that will give them added value.

But your human visitors aren't the only one's who crave content. The search engine spiders love it, and the more the better. Better for them, but even more importantly for you, because relevant and authoritative content is one of the most effective ways to improve your search engine optimisation.

But writing informative, relevant content is time consuming and often harder than it seems. The good news is we can solve your problem when it comes to the content of your website. Our in-house professional copywriter will do it for you saving you time and giving you a website that attracts new customers and then turns them into paying clients, and what's more it's free.

Find out here about our FREE copywriting service.


5. Sacha's Celestial Web Tutorial.

All of a Twitter

When I was a pup, one of my greatest, and ultimately pointless pleasures, was chasing birds. Of course I never caught one, but as they say, 'hope springs eternal'. So when I heard about something called Twitter my first reaction was that it was a bird brained idea at best, and probably as pointless as chasing birds.

However, perhaps there is something more to all this social networking with Twitter, Facebook and blogging than meets the eye. It would seem that the key is not just about networking and communicating, but also about marketing to those within your niche target market. Mind you in the case of Twitter, you will have to be succinct with just 140 characters to play with.

As far as helping to optimise your website for search engines, blogging is accepted as a useful tool, but it would seem the jury is still out on Facebook and Twitter. But one thing is for certain, as with all content of your website, you need to make sure your blogs, Tweets and Facebook content are both interesting and relevant.

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