Hello FirstName, now the Spring sales have begun and the sun is out, this month's Studio Monthly gives you some ideas and news about making the most of seasonal online opportunities and other useful online tips...                                                                      
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The Impact Online of Seasonal Trends

The sun is out and that means two things, the Spring sales have started and people suddenly remember they have a garden.

Boosting your seasonal website traffic

Retailers are looking to make the most of the Spring sales season both through their high street stores and online. Recent figures from some of the biggest UK high street and online retailers show what a dramatic effect taking advantage of seasonal online searches for words such as 'sale', 'sales' and 'spring sales' can have. Argos remains the most popular high street retailer, but Debenhams saw the largest increase in visits (45.3%) with Next, Marks and Spencer and Littlewoods also showing significant gains.  

Making sure your website is geared up for seasonal opportunities is a lesson all retailers, large and small, can benefit from. But with budgets tight, when it comes to driving traffic to your website we are often asked whether it's better to spend your money on organic search engine optimisation, or pay per click, such as Google Adwords.

Organic Searches v Pay Per Click

The recent experience of Debenhams and Littlewoods makes an interesting comparison. Debenhams with a 45.3% increase in sales related website visits, relied exclusively on organic SEO traffic, whilst Littlewoods with an 18.7% gain paid for most of its traffic via pay per click sales related keywords. Not conclusive, but perhaps does lend itself to our view that organic SEO provides a more sustainable impact on increasing traffic and enquiries, although Pay Per Click is a useful tactical tool for particular campaigns such as a seasonal sale. In other words, they are compatible online tools rather than mutually exclusive. 

Fair weather online searches

As you might expect, there is plenty of evidence that the weather affects online searches. The recent spate of sunshine turned people's minds to their gardens, which trebled UK Internet searches for garden furniture and tools, especially lawn mowers (which reminds me, mine needs a service!) If you sell online, does your website give you the flexibility to change your products and content quickly to meet seasonal or other spikes in demand? Our new ecommerce solution gives you just that control to maximise your sales. See a demo here.

So What?

The lesson for all online traders is that any search engine optimisation strategy needs not only to be worked on month in, month out, but also requires an element of seasonal focus to benefit the most from seasonal online search trends.

How we can help

To help you maximise your online enquiries through out the year, we offer two Search Engine Optimisation solutions (find our more here):

1.  1st page of Google guaranteed, or your money back (terms and conditions apply)
2.  Pay Per Position - you don't pay us a penny until we hit the agreed key word position targets

And don't forget, we recently launched our new ecommerce solution to maximise your online sales when visitors come to your online store. You can have a look at our ecommerce demo here.

To make an enquiry contact us here, or ring us now on 0845 6187342.

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More website design tips... Quote of the month...
The right colour choices will make your
website easier to read for everybody, but especially the visually impaired.

Here are some essential tips.

 Intensify the contrast between background and text colours 
 Avoid using colours with similar lightness together
 Don't put patterns behind your text
 Limit your pallet to just a few colours

 Understand the importance of white space. Don't fill every corner of your website with content.

 Follow our blog for more hints and tips

When we approached Studio 2 Online
to redesign our website we wanted it to
reflect our technical innovation and
professional competence. They have
exceeded our expections, delivering the
best website I have seen in the office equipment arena.

I am also delighted that visitors to the
website can easily identify the product 
most suited for their needs. This makes the sales process so much easier!

- Andy Perkins (Director - The CSL Group)
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