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Really effective ecommerce websites

Really effective Magento ecommerce websites

If you're not sure about the benefits a really effective Magento ecommerce website can have on your business, we've summarised below the ways in which a site designed by Impact Web Solutions could transform your online business and achieve your business objectives.

Browse, compare, review

Your new Magento website will clearly communicate the features and benefits of your products while any colour, size or other variable options will be presented in the simplest most logical manner.

Filtering and search tools offer the ecommerce equivalent of retail sales assistants, for shoppers who want to find products quickly. While the facility to compare features and functionality, will help customers to make informed decisions, particularly if your products are of a technical nature, and give you the opportunity to showcase more of your range.

If your products can be personalised in any way, your new Magento website will make the process pain-free for your customers. And you can increase trust in your website, and collect valuable feedback by allowing shoppers to rate and review your products.

Add to basket with persuasive promotions

With your new ecommerce website you can offer incentives to convert first time buyers and reward multiple-purchases to increase basket size. Then you can choose as many on- and off-site promotional features as you need to grow your sales at a rate you can manage.

Secure payment

It goes without saying that your new ecommerce website will support your choice of secure payment gateway.

Friendly, efficient customer service

With an online account, you can allow registered customers to record and manage their own details, for quick and easy ordering. Customers can log-in to check their order status or you can keep them informed with email updates or RSS alerts.

And, because mandatory registration can deter customers from making their first purchase, you can incorporate a guest check-out for the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of your products and services and convince customers to register on their next visit.

Broadcast News

With an RSS feed, your new Magento ecommerce website could instantly and automatically update registered customers, every time you add a new product, offer or review to your site. And you can let happy shoppers do your marketing for you with an email to a friend option for each of your products.

More time to manage your business

Your new Magento website will allow you to efficiently analyse sales and stock for effective planning, as well as identify sales opportunities, returns issues and much more. And, for maximum efficiency, you can manage multiple stores from a single dashboard, saving you time and resources which could be better spent acting on what you’ve learned about your business.

Knowledge is power

Your new ecommerce website will arm you with the information required to make confident, incisive business decisions. You’ll also have the option to observe visitors in real time as they browse and shop your website, providing you with invaluable insights about hotspots and points of exit so you can act accordingly to increase your sales.

And, with an easy-to-use content management system, you can instantly respond to competitor activity, market trends, current events and pr with immediate in-house updates to your products, prices, promotions and content, at no further cost.

Still not convinced?

Take a tour of our new generation Magento ecommerce websites with this online demonstration.

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