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Top Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Website Design Partner

Find a company that talks your language.

Are they talking about how your business will truly benefit from a website in terms of sales and profit, or are they just talking about the latest technology, or how great their designs will be?

Will you be kept up to date on the progress of your website?

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what is going on. Make sure they have dedicated in-house project managers who will keep you up to date.

Make sure they have sufficient resources to cope.

If they have a small team, i.e. less than 5, what happens to your project when they go on holiday, or win a couple more projects?

Have they dealt with similar sized businesses as yours?

If they have only dealt with very small companies or start-ups, then beware, perhaps their clients aren’t growing. Like wise, they may have a lot of experience in dealing with big corporate brands, but does your growing business have the same needs and challenges of a large corporate?

What are they really like to deal with?

Do they listen to their clients, but also challenge perceptions to ensure they deliver the best solutions? Don’t take their word for it, ask for a list of the contact details for at least 5 of their most recent clients.

Do you get on well with them?

Take the time to visit their offices, meet the people that will be working on your project and see what the office atmosphere is like, is it relaxed yet productive?

Have most of their key staff been there for at least a year?

If not, is there a danger that you’ll be dealing with different people each month. Consistency is the key to delivering and then developing a successful business website.

Businesses are most likely to fail within the first five years.

If the business is less than 5 years old do they have the financial stability to still be here tomorrow to help you continue to grow your business?

How will your site be hosted?

Are they clear about how your site will be hosted and how any problems will be resolved?

Are they a jack of all trades and an expert in none?

Have they digressed into Marketing/PR or graphic design, diluting their skill base, or are they very focused on just delivering and developing successful website design?

At Impact Web Solutions we are passionate about delivering website designs that really make a difference to a business where it matters most, increased enquiries and sales.